Monado OpenXR Runtime
How to use the remote driver


Before proceeding you will need to have monado installed (or built) and capable of running applications. If you do not have any hardware this should still work with the simulated driver. For those building Monado themselves you have to make sure the GUI is built. In short the commands monado-gui and monado-service are needed.


Open up three terminals and in the first run this command:

P_OVERRIDE_ACTIVE_CONFIG="remote" <path-to>/monado-serivce

If you get a error saying ERROR [u_config_json_get_remote_port] No remote node you can safely ignore that. Once it is up and running you can now start and connect the controller GUI. Select the second terminal use the command below and click connect.

monado-gui remote

You can now launch the program. You technically don't need to launch the program after monado-gui, once the service is running they can be launched in any order.

hello_xr -G Vulkan2

Now you can manipulate the values and control the devices.