Monado OpenXR Runtime
Writing a new driver

This document will tell you in broad strokes what you need to do to create a driver in Monado. Like the many ones already in there Drivers. It is not a step by step guide to making a driver. Also what you need to do can vary a lot depending on the type of hardware you are adding a driver for and the level of features you want.


The first components you will be interacting with is Prober and device management code find the hardware devices and setup a working system, along with the Auxiliary code that provides various helpers. You can look at other Drivers on how to start.


When should I implement the xrt_auto_prober interface? The answer is not too hard: you use the auto prober interface when the basic USB VID/PID-based interface is not sufficient for you to detect presence/absence of your device, or if you don't want to use the built-in HID support for some reason.