Monado OpenXR Runtime

Native and wrapper drivers in Monado. More...

Collaboration diagram for Drivers:


 Android sensors driver
 Generic driver for phone sensors.
 Arduino flexible input device driver
 Driver for the Monado Arduino based flexible input device.
 Daydream Controller driver
 Driver for the Google Daydream Controller.
 Dummy driver
 Simple do-nothing dummy driver.
 HDK driver
 Driver for the OSVR HDK series of HMDs.
 Camera based hand tracking
 Razer Hydra driver
 Driver for the Razer Hydra motion controllers.
 illixr driver.
 illixr driver.
 Multi device wrapper driver
 Driver that can wrap multiple devices, for example to override tracking.
 North Star driver
 Driver for the North Star HMD.
 OpenHMD wrapper
 Wrapper driver around OpenHMD.
 PS Move driver
 Driver for the Sony PlayStation Move Controller.
 PSVR driver
 Driver for the Sony PSVR HMD.
 Qwerty driver
 Driver for emulated HMD and controllers through keyboard and mouse.
 Intel RealSense driver
 Driver for the SLAM-capable Intel Realsense devices.
 Remote debugging driver
 Driver for creating remote debugging devices.
 Lighthouse tracking using libsurvive
 V4L2 frameserver driver
 Frameserver using the Video 4 Linux 2 framework.
 Video Fileframeserver driver
 Frameserver using a video file.
 HTC Vive and Valve Index driver
 Driver for the HTC Vive and Valve Index family of HMDs.
 Windows Mixed Reality driver
 Windows Mixed Reality driver.

Detailed Description

Native and wrapper drivers in Monado.