Monado OpenXR Runtime
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Monado XR runtime project. More...

Collaboration diagram for Monado(XRT):


 Shared code and helpers for Monado.
 All of the compositor code.
 Null compositor
 A non-rendering alternate for the main compositor that still can support applications fully.
 Include and interface headers.
 Native and wrapper drivers in Monado.
 Inter-Process Communication
 Inter-Process Communication layer for Monado.
 GUI Config Interface
 Small GUI interface to configure Monado based on SDL2.
 OpenXR state tracker
 Client application facing code.
 Prober and device management code
 Probing code.
 SteamVR driver provider
 Wraps a xrt_instance and one or more xrt_device and exposes those to SteamVR through the OpenVR driver interface.


directory auxiliary
 Shared code and helpers for Monado.
directory compositor
 All of the compositor code.
directory state_trackers
 State trackers.
directory drivers
 Drivers files.
directory ipc
 Inter-Process Communication layer.

Detailed Description

Monado XR runtime project.