Monado OpenXR Runtime

This documentation is intended for developers wanting to dive into the code of Monado. And assumes that you have read, the file also holds getting started information and general documentation.

Useful pages

Source layout

  • src/xrt/include - XRT interfaces defines the internal interfaces of Monado.
  • src/xrt/drivers - Hardware Drivers.
  • src/xrt/compositor - Compositor code for doing distortion and driving the display hardware of a device.
  • src/xrt/state_trackers/oxr - OpenXR state tracker, implements the OpenXR API.
  • src/xrt/state_trackers/gui - GUI Config Interface, various helper and debug GUI code.
  • src/xrt/auxiliary - Auxiliary and other larger components, like Tracking and Math.
  • src/xrt/targets - glue code and build logic to produce final binaries.
  • src/external - a small collection of external code and headers.